Our investment process is disciplined, repeatable and time-tested. It has three primary stages:

Quantitative Screen: Our proprietary screen and value ranking tool quickly identifies potential purchase candidates. It allows us to cast a very wide net, yet efficiently and immediately eliminates companies that don’t meet our high standards. We are thus able to focus our research efforts on a very small group of select stocks at any point in time.

Fundamental Analysis: This critical stage centers on a rigorous, in-depth evaluation of company fundamentals until we either identify a “fatal flaw” and eliminate the stock from further consideration or reach a position of full conviction about its investment merits. Only those candidates deemed to have strong secular growth in earnings, high quality, well-run businesses with competitive advantages, and market leadership will move on to the third stage.

Research Confirmation: The full investment team discusses and evaluates the investment candidate, seeking to identify potential flaws in the analysis and/or investment thesis. Those stocks that survive the vetting process are deemed to be candidates for purchase in client portfolios. The final decision to buy a stock is made by the portfolio manager.